Sunday, June 20, 2010

The One Night Stand: Freak in the sheets.


In the midst of the serious things in life funny things happen. Normal things happen. The world still spins. People still flirt, smile, fuck and burn.
Then night after she met Johnny V and Jablonski C she dabbled in gaining back control. Johnny V had made her feel like she was now his possession with texts like "we should keep this quiet, what we have, our own dirty little secret" .

  She had always been independent of the romantic men, but the horrible forceful ones just felt like home. What is more likely for a rebellious girl to do: cry into her shot of patron, or down it, take her shoes off and grind on the nearest tanned and buff man?? I think she chose the latter.

As she danced suggestively with Samad Newis to her favourite song lollipop by Lil' Wayne "it is never played and it's the best sex mood song of all time!" SEGUE! Hayley got the feeling of freedom as if she was getting her own back, regaining her power and was once again on top. She would tell Johnny V of her conquest, she knew in advance she would share the information. Hayley was always very, very good at inflicting pain and knowing the subtleties of fucking with others.

As her latest beau offered her a cigarette, she only smoked when she was too lazy to say no, she stared at his full lips and incredibly sharp attire and thought " can we get this show on the road?" she had little to no interest in what he had to say and as he spoke she interrupted to let him know" this is happening, I'm not listening to what you're saying I'm just staring at your lips" .
He kept sharing his life anyway : " I work security for the American embassy, I can speak 7 languages, in fact tomorrow I will be in the newspaper for protesting, the police always say to me"Samad, why do you always do this to us" maybe I will be your poster boy?"
BLAH BLAH RU-LA-LA , less of the romance.

it took 3 minutes to finish her cigarette and for Hayley to go inside, grab her bag , throw up the peace sign to her friends @ 1:40am and go with Samad Newis to a random binroom less than 30 seconds from the club.

She was wearing spanx, he kept apologising to her for not taking her home with him, she was bored, he didn't have a condom, she ALWAYS did.

"You are fantastic" he mentioned x23

"you can stop saying that" she responded all 23 times.

"I am sorry I did not bring you home. Take my number."

"Sure...." cough cough.

Spanxs in hand and little else on she shook out her honey blonde hair and reflected on her way to McDonald's with Nickii Chic and Angelica D it was bad and boring and short. It always was really. That's why Johnny V called her a slut. Because he was jealous and hurt. And she had wanted him again despite everything he had done and said. Smart girls who love dangerous boys just can't see. Those boys aren't a challenge they're the ones who will ruin you from the core.

But despite it all, all Hayley really wants is a dirty boy who pulls her hair and treats her like shit, PFFFT you're fantastic?! what was he thinking????

Afterall Hayley is a lady in the streets...

Man, she ain't never had a love like mine.
I make her feel right when its wrong like lyin'

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