Friday, June 25, 2010

Let the right one in

(...Continued from the pink room)
"We're working backwards and that's okay,right? I think. because last saturday I was working backwards too. It was some sort of magnetism. I was damaging myself just by standing in that park. I had damaged myself by looking at the park on google maps. Why was I stupid enough to thing I could handle this shit?

I got out of the car where the challenge had been made, I just stood there in the middle of the road, the sun rising once more and me still as the night again. I had to get out... I walked up the path to where we had stood, I ran to the wall where he'd "romanced" me. I walked quickly up the road.. I....I don't know it's a mess."

Hayley stood at a zebra crossing... why are there so many in an estate? It's very weird. anyway. She was overcome with some delusions of being a combination of a P.I. and an immortal. She never did listen to alarm bells. She needed a boost to see over the wall, she was almost certain that this was the house she just neede to see in the back. The fisher price slide, the wooden shed, the tiny bench and the boxing bag... if she could just see....

2:39am friday 4th of June. Hayley was hanging upside down off the side of her bed. All the blood was rushing to her head. She was in her underwear, it was 28degrees in her room and ridiculous for an Irish night. She felt different, no guy had ever been able to make her feel like he did. She didn't even know him, they had never met. But his crazy, over-enthusiatic way of handling her had made it impossible to say no. He was in one word: Mental. He had asked about her birth control, she had told him to fuck himself. He had reacted like a crazy person begging her forgiveness and saying " I 'm always up and down rarely in between. I was just testing boundaries. I'm into love it's up to the universe what will happen. Is that what you're into?" she responded by asking was he fucking serious?
this had been approx 8 hours ago. He had given her a pit in her stomach. She felt ill, violated. Like she was nothing. Hayley had been damaged for a while and he was her first step back into dating. Her first fucking plunge more like.
As she hung upside down and had finished her conversation in the dark with Hayley Mars, her companion who could always relate to the crazy boy lust, she was fully aware that that's what it was, full blown lust.
There was no room for love but he was so dangerous, so crazy that there was no other option. He was the kind of guy who you go big or go home with. So she went fucking massive.
Standing looking in the mirror, checking if she looked the right combination of "I've been in bed and I look so bad" but secretly sexy bed head chic. she was wearing leggings, a string top with a longer sleeved top and a zip up. <---that seemed irrelevant but it's not! A text came in " be gentle with me, I'm shy". Oh Johnny V never have less true words been spoken.
"gimme a hug"..
"AH, I hate hugging"
"come on"
He was twitching, and making a weird spitting noise.Cocaine huh.
"there's no- one at my buddy Jablonski's house we can go there. Just chill out. Have a few smokes or whatever,you're fuckin' savage, I can' t stop looking at pictures of ya"

Flattery will get you everwhere Mr. V. I't'll even get girls into you're cocaine driven Blue-steel Opel Astra...

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