Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I was watching the fight

“ I made a mistake with him but will I stop making that mistake? What makes a normal, relatively stable girl shake it all up for a boy she hates??”

well we’ve been here before Hayley haven’t we?

“everytime it’s safe you mess it up, you love the danger, the fear that you do not know who you are.”

Let’s call him JOHNNY V.

well, Johnny V had an obsession, he also had a problem, he also had selective deafness. He boxed to this years love courtesy of David Grey he hadn’t yet joined the human race revolution. He was raised as some sort of You Porn product.

We shall call her Hayley Klien she was a recovering wreck, a broken mess but was as I say REFORMED REBORN. But incredibly boy Jaded. She hadn’t yet found the formula and was bored of the Vanilla boys!

Here is the problem boys and girls… Vanilla is the least fatty, most natural flavour it’s not going to hit you, or offer you to his friend but it’s also never going to make a Hayley Klien smile like she’s special or feel like she’s on a bi-polar rollercoaster of improbable understanding the way a raspberry ripple would.

Can she stop feeling Johnny V?

I have to tell you what he did! it’s scandalous!

her own words tell it best.

“he followed me, he singled me out. Even when you don’t want to it makes you feel really really special when a guy thinks you’re , and I quote, “Fuckin’ unreal” . I never liked boys boring, that’s a hurtful way of saying it.. BORING, but it’s how I feel. I like them unpredictable, all fucked up. The guys who absolutely HATE YOU. They hate the world, they hate themselves and they can sense you out. I got out so much faster than before because he said “I’m tryin’ to focus on you but I can’t” it’s just a selection of indecisive comments “I’ll flip a coin”, ”the universe will let me know”, “Don’t be offended, but I need some me time”, ” I get lonely at night, I’m always lonely” and the best one of all time that got us talking here tonight, ” My friends bed is the most comfortable in the house, we should go in there nothing has to happen with him, like, all you have to do is ************* him and I’ll ****** you”

But Johnny V’s bestie, we’ll call him Jablonski C, a fellow supporter of the violent arts was earlier seen acting shady, being to handsy with hayley. He had some ink and a clear passion for the class A things in life.He wasn’t particularly fond of waiting so he took things into his own hands. Since when do besties always get nude together?? Sorry, I can sometimes head off topic.

But Jablonski was right hayley is unreal, that is totally a good enough reason to not hear the word NO.

you were right, Johnny V, when you said “Cocaine, boi, I hate that shit.”Maybe you should forgoe it next time.

You’ve come along way baby, you’ve made it, look Johnny V you’re famous!!

Hayley Klien says .” you know that song by K’s choice “not an addict” ? well if you combine that with sia’s song “breath me” you actually have the sentiment of what I’ve done”

Help. I have done it again, I have been here many times before. Hurt myself again today.And the worst part is there is no-one else to blame.I’m not an addict,I’m just fine,baby, that’s a lie…..

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