Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is it time to.....

You'd be amazed at the effects a cigarette can have.

Two days ago, between the hours of 12:50 and 18:10 Hayley Klien spoke with the strong female representative Sassy Strongbow and her less conversationally opinionated sidekick Karlie Nosh. While in the safety of this "no notes taken: EVER" room all information pertaining to the acts that took place on friday the 4th of June were discussed. The rights, the wrongs and the parts that were so sad they were laughable.
What was their take on Johnny V?!

 Sassy Strongbow: "Fuck the bastards, report them. What kind of man thinks he can touch you like that and get away with it? If they had been wandereing around naked infront of me there would have been a lot less appendages flying around , that's for sure"

Hayley had felt a swell of strength and pure, sneaky readiness!
She had been injected with the strength and representation she needed... but then she looked at Karlie and realised  that she had been just watching and waiting to jump in and mention that it just isn't that easy. "this isn't actually real-life neither of them will be there on the day , I have to be more calm and practical"

Before hayley had left she said " I just don't want to ruin anyones life..."
To which the usually reserved Karlie responded " They should have had the same consideration for you"

There were others that day.. disapointing women who were sick of the whining and bitching of females. Women who were sick of the complaints and wanted girls to just realise" if you weren't raped savagely then you were lucky, like, being realistic if they wanted to rape ya they would have".

Did you hear that Hayley?? You're the lucky one, Dear xxxxx

All in all the end point is it will be hayley, Johnny V and Jablonski C against eachother. Two boys who have set up an admirably under the radar operation to lure women in against a girl who was at the wrong place ALWAYS the wrong time! If they lie, and they will (who can fault them , it really is the smartest thing to do) it's over. It will never go tocourt... never see the light. Justice will never see the light of day.

Or will it??

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