Monday, June 21, 2010

In the pink room

I strike a match to light a marlboro red.. they're too strong but they're all I have so I offer one to Hayley. I tell her that I never smoke alone so she has to share the joy.

It's been two days since I last saw her "where have you been?" I ask... "I've been around sometimes I'm just quieter".

I have to fill in the two day blank so here it is:
Hayley klien, the usually stable girl went to find the scene of the crime: Jablonski C's house in the middle of the saturday night. She searched for two hours, going from estate to estate... getting nowhere. And then!!!!
"This place!"

it was a line of corregated steel fencing... she started having flashbacks to the first time that she'd been here

It was about 4:20am, the sun was rising and the sky was pink and still. She had felt frozen as if a camera were circling here for dramatic effect but she was glued to the spot. Johnny V had had an apple in his hand and was munching on it viciously and mumbling about how artists had gotten into his head. That he could not help but analyze their musical stylings because their flaws were too prominent to him. <--- I cleared that up his version was more like" Jaknow I can't fuckin' listen to shit anymore, jaknow??? coz,like, I feel their mistakes jaknow?"( aren't you glad I shared it anyway?) he has a bottle of volvic in his other hand and she took it from him, gasping to herself as he walked her away from Jablonski's home. Was he pretending nothing happened? did nothing happen? was Jablonski going to follow her if they didn't walk away? Jablonski had still been undressed when Johnny V had left the house. He had not pursued her to check her status simply stayed with Jablonski as around up and to roll another cigarette.

"Jaknow that song feelin' good by muse? That's how I feel, birds flyin' high you know how I feel, sun in the sky, you know how I feel"...
"That song is by Nina Simone" she interjected quietly.
She just scoffed at him, the boy was just dead wrong.

They reached a wall and she noticed she had been holding her bra in her hand the whole time, of  course she was she had grabbed what she could before she left. Some of her clothes still inside...
" Let's do something romantic"
"Come on, nah actually fuck it the grass is too wet. I was guna say we could lie in the grass and watch the sunrise, we'll have to settle for the wall"

Hayley held herself tight while he spoke about his crazy ex with the great hair who he'd fuck, that's all he wanted of her ,obviously and who can blame him?!the boy has a rights to every woman. H e continued to spit useless information at her about his hair, his music, dublin and the shit he liked while she just sat there holding her bra....she was sick of it " you sound like so much of a pussy, all you talk about is you! I don't even know you. No offence but why would I give a shit?"and that was fine until he said those words she just couldn't resist:

"I'm a pussy?I've a challenge for ya"

to be continued...

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