Saturday, June 12, 2010

The first blush

"This is the only time in my life that I'm going to be upset about healing to quickly" Hayley told me.

Let's skip the boring stuff and get back to the story.
Me and Hayley back together.

You have informally been introduced to Johnny V and Jablonski C, unfortunately a formal introduction seems improbable due to the fact that they would have to agree to being awful, unintellegent life forms who deserve to be taken to a shed and have their testicles removed and their wounds sprayed with insecticide, wich as I said is improbable!

Maybe a little back story is in order?
Johnny V is a half chinese boy who takes orders for a living in his uncles restaurant but as he says he is so much more!! He has an album. (I'll be sure to post the link in the sidebar) And in his own words described the recording studio as better than sex. Here's the thing although Johnny V claims, hilariously, to listen and respect when someone says no he put Hayley Klien , our leading lady, in danger, and on the first night they met no it is kiddies, listen carefully.

A date was arranged for Saturday the 5th of June, after a very persistant stalkership courtesy of Johnny V. Hayley had simply said  " why don't you ask me on a proper date?" because waiting wasn't one of her strong points!! "Ugh, the problem is that I hate everything about him!he's full of himself, he's can't spell and a total sexist AND I really like him!!!!, for fuck sake, I hate it" He had responded with an invitation to one of his gigs on thursday the 3rd of June she hed been thoroughly unimpressed " nah I'm busy and clearly you're very busy, take me out when you can spare the alone time, p.s. Lovin' the playerness" and he accepted the invitation and loved her ballsiness, or so she thought.

 " He was a player, that's what I thought. A player I could handle... a boy messed up enough to divulge his secrets to someone he had just offered to his friend I couldn't"

this is just the beginning....

 Anybody want statistics?
well everyone loves bulletpoints!
  • One in five women (20.4%) reported experiencing contact sexual assault as adults  
  • Over 30% of men and 25 5 of women stated that they felt too ashamed or embarrassed to report sexual abuse  

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