Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Either tomorrow is the end, or it's the beginning of a whole new problem

"Me and him live in two different worlds. I live in the world where, I hope, i try to do the best I can. I listen and the word no means no straight away. When the letters are placed in the right formation and flow slowly or rapidly from your lips, whether you're spitting them at someone or playfully shoving someone, often you're saying the word No. His world is dirty, lacklustre. His world lacks colour, innocence and all the subtleties that makes someone stable fall in love. 

He is someone I would describe as beneath me. He is a boy who strives to be someone important but can't find the way. He pleads with everyone to like him and walks all over those who give him a chance because out of all 6,827,519,257 people, in the world at 00:46 UTC Jun 16, 2010, i am the one who is left with his damage. 

Imagine if you could see someones impact on someone else. As if , good or bad, they leave a colour stripe on you. his would be black like tar and red like rage and yet somehow translucent. It doesn't have to make sense these are my analagies!

Tomorrow. I'll tell someone high up. Of all the doubts the different opinions .Those who believe those who don't. To have things that you cared about taken from you....
I don't blame myself. I don't think it's my fault. That isn't what hurts. There is a dull ache in my heart. A feeling of being stranded in my brain and an un-ease in my body. My heart both aches and beats faster, too fast, when I think of it. Adrenaline makes me paralyzed and I feel like I'm drowning in fears.
Tomorrow."  ---- Hayley Klien