Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The girl with the questionable morals?

"I dream alot, the dreams bring cold sweats and laughing men... they have been laughing at me every night for a week."

If you want to know how you feel about yourself just check in with your dreams. Hayley does.

"Most nights I just accept that when I fall asleep, which I don't want to they are going to be there, every man I've ever met that ever made me feel bad. All the men I dated and wronged and all the men in the middle that could be seen as HUUUUGE MISTAKES. This dream effected me more than usual, this dream was about what's going to happen... if I report it you see. My fears are realistic . These are the facts: some people will think it's an exaggeration, some will think it's lies, what if people shout at me in the street?!I don't know how to feel."

Hayley's always with me now, in one way or another.

Will I finish the story today, or drag it out?! there are so many characters... supportive or not really. You should meet some, you'll need them as they're essential pieces of the puzzle.

Hayley Mars: Both of them Hayleys and both of them share a common ground of hate for boys who hurt deeper than the rest. A best friend bond of epic proportions she will be participating in a hard candy adventure with Hayley K if needed and vice versa. A heroine in her own right and a writer of Love and Life!

Nickii Chic:  Another incredible support of Hayley who has from day one had an incling that Johnny V was not only not right for Hayley but dead wrong. Nickii had to bite her lip in astonishment and wait for Hayleys natural reaction to shine through about the events that took place on friday the 4th of June. She noticed a certain amount of denial. A quote that made Hayley finally wake up!! " boys take so much from girls" - Nickii Chic

Angelica D: Hmmm, for now Angelica's status is unknown. Her allegiance to Hayley and her situation is never under question. Does she sympathise with Johnny V? Does she think what Hayley did was awful and a continuous show of self neglect? Or does she think it's just not true?They are practical options, one hopes none are true.

It's getting interesting...

A final thought.
" I think Jace Everett said it best.. because for some reason I still have late night feelings, late night thoughts for Johnny... I can't shut it off. It's like, before the nightmares and the cold sweats that's where all my fears come to play. I can't deny my reality to myself.

When you came in the air went out.

And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.

I don't know who you think you are,

But before the night is through,

I wanna do bad things with you."

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