Thursday, July 29, 2010

humans are disgusting. They are disgusting, vile, selfish and hurtful. It's human nature. Today hayley's father said to her" if I had not brought you up right then yu wouldn't be who you are today. It's true hayley's is who she is because if him. But only because of the pure unadulterated way he has impacted her humanity. Humans are rArely capable of getting over the loss of a parents unconditional love but she has trained like an mental athlete. A well oiled machine. She has started using him. Every time a heart is broken it is different... It can break the same as a bone, ending in it healing itself stronger than ever, others shatter onto a million pieces: this one is Hayley's. Her fury toward men and the picks she makes are all due to her awful father.

times....sometimes I wish he was dead"
Hayley's mom: "I always wish he was dead"
those two sentences define her family. All her injuries inside come down to such simple words of pain and hate. She is the family punching bag, she is the only one she has ever been able to understand and she is the only person who fuels her own agony.


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  1. Beautiful. Sad. There is so much reality... and through a story shared, comes help for someone. Keep doing what you do.