Monday, July 5, 2010

Conspiracy to commit

We find our heroine sitting on the cold stone wall outside her corner bungalow. Looking down, squeezing her eyes tight she wants so badly to be squeezing out tears but she's just squeezing out sobs. Long breathy sobs. Her Vogue cigarette is sitting in her hand . She feels it replicates her status...long burning exsistance.

This is all getting a little over analitical?

 Let's take this where it needs to go.

She looks up slowly, squints her eyes drags hard on her cigarette and say to the midnight air "I'm coming for you".She has full faith that wherever a coke-adled Johnny V stands that he felt a shiver down his spine, because when words with such truth and convictions come from lips with such pain and heat they are bound to strike a cord somewhere along the line. I have full faith in that. This is the third night I've watched her.She doesn't sleep anymore, it's not because she can't it's because she's training herself. She's getting used to the night air, her new surroundings. She's training to be a well oiled machine, you need to be to fully put your all into inflicting pain like she wants to. It might even be her demise, from an outside perspective I think it will be.Hayley has always been this way though, She's always watched and waited for people to slip-up, it's an awful trait but a beautiful disaster to watch.

Wednesday 30th of June
Between the hours of 13:00 and 14:30 Hayley felt the swell of emotion she had been waiting for and it came from Sassy Strongbow. It was not the kind of swell she was expecting.

"If we're honest you won't get a conviction, have you seen him out since?I mean are you scared of seeing him?"
" I no actually no I haven't been out to see him"
"well just carry on with your life. You can't stop for him"
"I. Sure, Yeah. I guess."
"Maybe you could write him a letter from your solicitor, let him be scared, Let him wonder what's coming next, you know? Maybe in time, not now of course, you'll see that you were lucky. I know what you're going to do"
"you do?"
"I do"
"Well that's not fair, tell me"
"You're not going to press charges"

No you're right Sassy, she's not. What he has coming is so much worse then what you could do.
There it is kids, this is the part where the switch just got up and fucking flipped itself. Hayley turned on her heel and thought "Lucky? that's what luck counts as these days, well fuck me."

She's out there now Just slowly plotting, I don't think it's before, or even after the fact that's the interesting part it's  watching what this volatile little creature is going to do next. With that she's up, flicking her Vogue, raising her hood and walking into the sunrise.

All little birdies need to fly, but if their wings have been clipped, some will turn into vutures to get them back.

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