Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The return of Johnny V

Take comfort in the parts he doesn't know
Take comfort in the fact that he has no idea who you are and the fact that his disgusting self is never well hidden

Take comfort in you being too complex for him

Take comfort in the flecks of skin he's mever touched, the freckles he's never seen. The parts he can't even fathom.

Takecomfort in the intimacy he will never be able to acheive, the great people you have that he can never come close to having

Take comfort in the parts of you that are not too weak to fight and destroy him, but are too strong to lower yourself to damaging your most precious commodity... You.

The crazy resurfaced... He was always going to. Maybe both hayley and I had high expectations for low brain functioning johnny V. Her broken frame had been rebuilt to something more, the fear of seeing a facebook message, of getting a text from him propositioning a menage a toit with the other scandolous boiii or the dread of a full on out there collision in the club had all been(almost) forgotten.

A deep tissue self therapy session got hayley back into the swing of things. Self assurance in the mornings, late sleeping til 4 and tequila at night mixed with a Barcelona 7 day compliment fest with new and old friends built a stronger armour to fight with. And then it came "want you to suck my cock... But I can't fuck you because you fucked someone else
. Holaxxx" first of "ola" is the way you pronounce hola and holla Is to say "holla at my homies, my brudda" so on and so forth you ignoramous. ( bad use of the English language is not tolerated up in herre)

The way to get away from an infection is to either leave it or ravage it with antibiotics and steroids... Neither of these seemed like viable options to hayley when it came to the viral infection of johnny v this time... Instead she submerged herself in a bath if ice, closed her eyes and held on for the bad times.
"I want to hurt him like, I dunno, castration? Could I do that is that right? Yeah I could do that, or just burn him a little"

"come on, where are ya? I have horny feelings, a oold doll recently fucked me up she didnt like it rough like i usually do I think my knob is broken, let me take you out and facefuck ya! You love it, I'm guna cum on your mouth you fucking cunty slut bitch" - johnny V august 22nd 4:49am. 77 days after he called hayley a slut and flew off the radar.
Just as she was about to say" yes, this is the time the revenge I always wanted to give, this is the moment of "payback's a bitch" I want, wanted so desperately for months..." she knew deep down she would walk to the car, suck him off somewhere private, while he grabbed her hair, wipe her mouth, dust off her knees and feel nothing.

She was never going to get revenge, staying away was her best revenge.
"my words free me. My actions trap me"

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