Friday, October 8, 2010

Words mean everything

She lies on her bed, the binding of the mattress pressing into her temple making her scowl she turns to grab the binding in her mouth and squeezes it between her teeth...such a weird thing to do she can read the lines on her face are in a ragey grimace, even from an insider perspective. Some of Hayley's responses have been intensely primal recently...One sudden movement outside Her locked bedroom door stirs a silence and closes her eyes.

Where is the freedom in a city where lies are your basis? The ones we trust most are not trust worthy. The that Hayley mars has contributed to our Hayley's life recently are the very core of the issue...

She wrote a blog about a previous conquest, hid it from Hayley the promiscuous details, the descriptive touching, every part at their liaise burned as print word on her retina.

Lies are so hurtful because they plant a seed of distrust... You may be telling the truth but how would she know,
"jealousy is not a familiar concept to me, it just doesn't happen. People can romp with whomever they want. But finding a place deeply hidden from me somewhere I wasn't supposed to see makes me believe it so much. I had asked her if I could read it. She was evasive. I feel like someone made me watch it was as descriptive as watching a hd TV. But hey I gotta give her props for beige a good writer"

Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.

Hayley's had known from the start if Hayley Mar's descriptions of her conquest that there were holes. Faith s when you ignore the obvious and just hope you're inaccurate. That peoples feelings and words are the truth.

But they weren't ... They were lies.


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  2. i just have to tell you that i miss you a lot sometimes too much so to use puncuation marks #ihopeyourdoingwonderfullybecauseyoudeserveit